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Dr.R.N.Premkumar, M.S.(Ortho)

Our Service

Services at Ramya Ortho Clinic

  • We manage all types of Fractures of Limbs, Pelvis and Spine.
  • Many of our patients are children with fractures.
  • We manage Dislocations, Sprains and wounds.
  • We have managed many Major Road Accident patients with multiple fracture in Attached Hospitals.
  • More than 90% of Fracture and other injuries treated by Plaster splints, Braces and slings.
  • Surgical treatment reserved only for Essential fractures like Fracture Both bones of Fore arm in adults, Fracture of Hip in Old people and adults, very much displaced fracture around elbow in children.

       Surgical care

We have many Happy Patient who have undergone Personalized Surgical care for Essential Fractures and Injuries.
We have performed Almost all types of Orthopaedic Surgical procedures like

  1.     Plates and Screw fixation, Interlocking Nailing, K-wire fixation, Tension band wiring
  2.     Hemi-Arthroplasty, Joint Replacement Surgery of Hip and Knee
  3.     Wound cleaning, External Fixation, Tendon repair etc
  4.     Removal surgeries like for Ganglion, Bursa etc

We Use Surgical Methods of treatment only when it is highly Essential and only when the Benefits of Surgeries out-weights the Risks after explaining and discussing every possible treatment Options.

Specialized care

Physiotherapy - Most of the Rehabilitative advises like In-Plaster exercises to achieve quick functional results are given by Doctor himself in the clinic. Referral to Physiotherapy centre done only when essential if Patient did not follow the advise.
Arthritis Exercises, Weight reduction Advises and Postural advises for Spinal problem were given, explained and taught by Doctor himself.

House visit and care given if essential like patient with Lower limb fracture, difficult to mobilize patients llike very old.

Arrangement made for in-house X-rays, home delivery of Rehabilitative aids like Walker,     splints etc.